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Interview for the program "De Volta Pra Casa" - Rádio Cultura FM, São Paulo (BR).

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Every Tuesday, De Volta ‘Pra’ Casa presents the “Music of the Week” section. In the edition of the 21st, Alexandre Machado spoke with composer and drummer Mário Gaiotto about his newest album, “Cosmopaulista”.

Link to listen to the interview on Spotify:

With bassist Sidiel Vieira and pianist Daniel Grajew, the work is Gaiotto's debut album.

The album has 10 tracks that move between the genres maracatu, batuque de umbigada, pagode de viola, choro and maxixe. The compositions portray the cultural diversity in the State of São Paulo, resulting from the influence of migrants and immigrants in the region.

The musician revealed that the initial idea was not to release a CD. This is because, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the project was reformulated to the format of lives that would only be published on social media. “In 2020, it was supposed to be a 6-show tour [...]. Then came the pandemic and we ended up doing the presentations in online format. We made a recording in the studio and it was so good that we decided to release a CD”, he said. “Cosmopaulista” is now available on streaming platforms.

The song of the week is “While You Sleep”, composed by Mário Gaiotto, with arrangement by Rodrigo Bragança and interpretation by Gaiotto, Sidiel Vieira and Daniel Grajew.

De Volta 'Pra' Casa, with presentation by Alexandre Machado and Gilson Monteiro, airs on Rádio Cultura FM (103.3 MHz), from Monday to Friday, at 6 pm, also on Cultura Brasil (AM 1200 kHz or FM 77 .9 MHz) and in the Cultura Digital app.


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