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Cosmopaulista Album Review - Jazz Journal (UK)

Review by Sophie Prior

Cosmopaulista transports us to one of Brazil’s busiest and most diverse cities, Sao Paulo. Through 10 original compositions, this trio of Brazilians portray the city’s rich musical culture, with drummer and composer Mário Gaiotto leading the way.

Sao Paulo’s multiculturalism is something that Gaiotto strives to incorporate into his jazz. Throughout the record we find traces of a wide range of Brazilian styles, including maracatu from Recife, batuque de umbigada from Sao Paulo, pagode de viola from Minas Gerais, and choro and the maxixe from Rio de Janeiro. Gaiotto claims that his music not only represents the people from Brazil, but those from other countries who have found a new home in Sao Paulo – Jews, Arabs, Turks, Europeans and Americans, for example.

Bassist Sidiel Vieira and pianist Daniel Grajew join Gaiotto on his mission. The blend between the three musicians is natural and enriching and their improvisations extremely enjoyable.

Cosmopaulista shows strong compositional creativity and rhythmic virtuosity and there is novelty in the fact the three players translate their sound knowledge of local styles into good jazz.


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