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Cosmopaulista Album Review - Nettavisen / Tor de Jazz (Norway)

Review by Tor Hammerø

English Translation by Google

I will not brag about my in-depth knowledge of drummer, composer and bandleader Mario Gaiotto (43). Like his co-conspirators, pianist Daniel Grajew and bassist Sidiel Vieira, Gaiotto is a completely new acquaintance, but a very pleasant one.

Of course, it does not come as a great surprise that there are buckets of outstanding musicians in Brazil that we - I read - have never heard of before. This also applies to the big city of São Paulo, with its well over 19 million inhabitants, including suburbs - it is a melting pot in all kinds of ways, not least musically.

Gaiotto and his followers live and work there, and I assume that Gaiotto has had quite a few to choose from. Based on this trio excursion, he has made the right choice.

"Cosmopaulista" is a linguistic construction that refers to what the cosmopolitan city of São Paulo is. Through the ten songs, Gaiotto draws inspiration from a number of the musical "directions" and styles found in the city and elsewhere in Brazil, but he also wishes to incorporate impulses from the Jewish, Arab, Turkish, Japanese, Armenian, Moroccan, European and American which can also be found in São Paulo.

In a very tasteful, fierce, temperamental, grooved and hard-swinging way, these three far-advanced gentlemen tell what a sky-high level they are at, both individually and collectively.

I want to go to São Paulo as soon as possible. Until that can be done, "Cosmopaulista" is a very nice substitute that will warm on cold autumn and winter evenings.


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