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Drummer Mario Gaiotto places Sampa as a babel of Brazilian rhythms on the album 'Cosmopaulista'

♪ Umbigada drumming, choro, maracatu, maxixe and viola pagode were never musical genres immediately associated with the city of São Paulo (SP). But they are also heard in Brazil's biggest metropolis and, therefore, dictate the rhythms of some of the ten original songs that make up the repertoire of Cosmopaulista , an instrumental album that drummer Mario Gaiotto will release on August 7th.

The idea of ​​the musician and composer from São Paulo – born in Tietê (SP) in 1979 – is to situate and highlight Sampa as a babel of Brazilian rhythms and from other parts of the world, since, since the 20th century, the city has also concentrated a large number of foreign immigrants, coming mainly from Europe and Japan.

Originating from a live recorded in a studio in São Paulo in 2020 to be presented on the artist's social media, the album Cosmopaulista joins Mario Gaiotto with musicians Daniel Grajew (piano) and Sidiel Vieira (double bass).

All ten songs on the album – Armeniam jazzy metal , While you slept , Going to Maghreb , Jerusalem , Maracapiba , Ouro Preto , Seventy times seven , Raining , Tempura de maxixe and Tambu e viola – were composed and arranged by Gaiotto, with the exception of While you slept , track arranged by Rodrigo Bragança. Maracapiba , on the other hand, was formatted by Gaiotto with the adhesion of partner Lucas Vargas.


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